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New hand crafted Cigar Box Guitar #645, made from a COHIBA all wood box 12 1/4'' x 7 1/4''. My cigar box guitars are built to have that bluesy sound of the past, using some old and new techniques. All my guitars have a Barbed Wire Brand on the head stock ( my signature design ) I not only build them, I play each one to make sure it plays nice and easy and sounds great, with or without an amp. I install the frets by hand using Nickel - Silver fret wire and the action is nice so it can be played with a slide or your fingers.
Plays and sounds great. All guitars are dated,numbered and signed.


* 3 String Electric - Wilkinson P90 Pickup

* Distressed Black Finish
* 25 inch scale.
* Zero Fret for the nut, with a Bone String Spacer.
* Strike Plate Tail Piece
* Black Wilkinson P90 Pickup ( Neck Position )
* Chrome Sound Hols.
* Chrome Dome Volume Knob
* Oak Neck - and Maple Heel, Head stock with a barbed wire brand ( my signature design )
* Walnut Fret board, with 16 frets.
* Maple and Cedar  inlays and White and Black plastic side dot markers
* Closed Gear Black tuners.
* Multi Wood and fret wire bridge.
* 2 Black Strap Buttons.
* Nickel Wound strings .040 .030 .022
* Tuned to an Open E ( EBE )

* Can be tuned to any open tuning.


To hear some of my cigar box guitars, visit my YouTube Channel

3 String Electric Cigar Box Guitar COHIBA

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