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Cigar Box Guitar Tee Shirts

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Excellent quality instrument. You can see, feel, and hear that a lot of attention went into every detail of this instrument's construction and planning.

For that extra personal touch, my instrument was numbered and signed by the maker on the back side.

The sound is surprisingly full and clear and the notes are articulate and easy to fret. I'm thrilled with this purchase.

Packaging and shipped was done with care to protect the instrument against damage. Delivery was reasonably quick.

Overall a good value.

Matthew Pence

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CBG #283  5-1-21 #4.jpg
CBG #276  4-8-21 #3.jpg
CBG #276  4-8-21 #4.jpg
CBG #277  4-8-21 #3.jpg
CBG #277  4-8-21 #4.jpg

Hey just wanted you to know! Got the guitar about an hour ago and LOVE it. Stays in tune very well! I haven't plugged it up yet, just sitting outside playing. Great workmanship! Thank you!

Ty Smith


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